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I'm making new forums and threads to the place, both because I notice the reasons and that I think it would be fine to do so.

These are examples of those areas:

-Introductions--D'OH! Already made! :/

-Forum Rules and Guidlines~I'm still putting this up for thought. I don't know if rules, or even guidlines, are nessessairy for a site of GE people.

-"GE chosen arcade games"--Made a forum about the arcade.

-Fan Donations/Contributions--Ding...dong...done.:lol:

And so on and so forth.


And, yeah, I'll go back to this list to ensure that these ideas are made possible.

-GE writer, Halopredator.

Edit: Finished the forums. Check the list for my responses.

In the future, I might need a thread for all forum updates. But then that defeats the purpose of a long thread, and the fact that you can't see a direct list of them' updates.....:/


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there's a lesson you shall learn,

something, something, then you'll see,

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