Good Evil ~ GE0 progress-has it been more or less?

The official site for fans and all-round Good Evil viewers.


(Will appear on sooner with comics and when the above speech is gone/changed.)

Good Evil Comics:

Good Evil Comics Construction:

Temporairly under-construction, but I'd like you to see it so far.

 This is a pretty intense thing for the website of Good Evil. It's fairly because the comics themselves have really big thoughts for gags or real-life comparisons.

 I'm suprised myself if the comic cannot take just a little tiny space of a content box, a whole content box, the whole page, tabs, pages, and even a whole website of its very own.

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  • "3 months so far. How can I ever thank you guys?"
    So long, so far.
  • "I believe that most of Good Evil's crediting doesn't nessairily come from its official website establishment HERE. But what this site most approves for Good Evil is that a much,..."
    What this site is to me.

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