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Replay Serie Questions:

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Good Evil Questions:

  1. What does GE stand for?

    GE is the abbreviation of Good Evil(G being Good, and E being Evil), therefore, making the 8 letter term into simple 2.

  2. Why does this episode not load?

    There is a possibility that I haven't made the episode on a properly fast PC. In this case, the link will work, but there will be errors in loading the bot. The other possibility is that your internet device does not have the required downloads and/or programs needed to use appropriate apps. Please follow your computer's instructions and make the best decisions that suit you or the computer's safety.

  3. Am I ready to know all there is to GE?

    Don't worry about that. It takes time and understanding to visualize the massive series itself. However, there are certain aspects and confusing ideas that even throughout the commenced experience, people tended to not exactly have a clue of what GE means to their noggins.


    I often frequently HATE these phrases:


    "...Good and Evil..."


    "...Good vs. Evil..."


    "...of Good and Evil..."


    "...the Good and Evil..."


    "...saying 'Good is evil, evil is good' is a forked tongue..."


    Notice how "and" is in the majority of those phrases. "And" makes GE really annoying and obnoxious at certain times. What people don't realize is that GE should be taken a further step, to the next level, just somewhere that they can understand GE for what it mainly is and all. I just don't want a flood of people repeating phrases like #1, #3, and #4.


    So all you need to really worry about is to NOT say "and" with GE. It sounds very insulting indeed. :(

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Replay Serie Questions:

  1. What does RS stand for?

    RS is the abbreviation of replay series(R being replay and S being Series), therefore, making the 12 letter term a simple 2.

  2. What is a replay series?

    A replay series is a series composed of replays that make it up. Some users prefer, like me, to call each replay an episode.

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Good Evil Forums:

  1. What can I infer that this forum is for?

    There is actually no possible singular way to think of the GE forums as one kind of subject. It supports many causes, and informats what Ge is all about, especially spoilers at such times.


    So to your imagination, there are lots of things to sugest what the GE forums are for.

  2. Why is this forum empty?

    Three ways make up this "not-so-much-as-a-problem":


    1) I just had made the forum(s).

    2) I want to delete the forum(s).

    3) I didn't have ideas to fill the forum up yet.....


    Consider these three ideals, and then worry about it.

  3. Can I inform Halopredator if I want/consider a certain forum made?

    Absolutely! Unfortunately, certain ideas may not be accepted. It is just me. Contact me, and I will make a decision determined by your idea(s).

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Good Evil Website:

  1. I just visited this site. What should I do for the best guidance?

    I suggest, as usual, to go to Home. You can access Home by clicking on the GE heading or its tab on the top of this page. In home, you can have a first glance at what GE is about through my introduction that is not always fresh, but good for having an understanding of certain things, such as posting photos or links.


    If you need more than that, then go to the forums and find tutorial/beginner categories to look and post in for any of my help.


    More than that? Seek throughly in this FAQ for more answers. Finally, e-mail me at [email protected] (E-mailing instructions at Home>Contacts) and I'll give out my best to you to help you understand GE and this site. I will not give up on you to not understand GE and get confused. I will do my best there.

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