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Any questions or comments? Email me at, (or click that link there and use the messenger window that shows up) and await for me to email back. I visit my email account generally, and even daily, though you may have to wait a while for my response. Trust me: I will respond to your email, especially your comment(s), not just look at it and think.

You can have both questions and comments in one email. Trust me again: I read your stuff. :/


For questions, I suggest that you ask what confuses you mostly about GE, me Halopredator, etc. But you can also ask me about other topics, it's up to you to make your preferable questionaire. But if it is anything too demanding, I may have not accepted it, but will respond back.

For example, you email a question about when I will make the next GE episode. I email back later on the day or so sooner. These are a few examples:

 1) Well, I'm not so sure right now. I'm having some troubles getting online, my computer doesn't work, I'm behind in academics, and my social life affects a whole bunch in this such precious time. I promise that sooner this month or even sooner this very week that I will make a release. Please be patient, and if you are, then thanks.

Good luck!

 2) What a coincidence! I have plenty of free time on my hands,(actually, way too much time) since it is this lucky sort of weekend. So I can guarrantee you that a new episode is very likely to appear, even maybe today! However, if there are any of my social life affections going on, then I can go for tommorow, for sure. :/

Thanks for asking, btw. :)

3) Hmmmm.....I don't really know. I haven't had any recent ideas for GE to follow up scene events in the RS. I'm trying really hard to figure this all out before you guys go mad on me(pleze don't :P) and all that. I'm hoping that I can finally go back on track and that you all have the right patience for so. Please wait, I will also gladly keep more updates on this website. :)

So basically, use the above examples of my responses(not exactly accurate, but close enought) to determine your question. It can also possibly benefit as much as a comment if it enforces my mind in GE, such as a question that I've never thought or expected before. I learn lots from you people, just to let you know.

Oh, one last thing: If these questions are asked over and over again, then(obviously) I will put it in the FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) page. There, you can find it on the FAQ list and search it up, and not have to ask me the question again unless it is part-topical(*whew*). :O


For comments, you can try going for showing me what I can do to improve GE. It can also include reviews, and if you even include searches and/or links, I will appreciate it, as it supports as a visual aid for me' eyes.

Comments could also be about me or flaws, but the flaws that you find is ok. It's actually better to warn me what sucks about it than hide it to keep friend reputation. I still love you, so why not?

You may be talking about things like my characters or my creatures or my storyline. Just don't ask what it says not to ask in my GE thread in, where I believe that you can find it(Replay Stories forum, search it up, or search my threads if you are somewhat desperate enough. :/).

Comments on Credits? Comments on the replay itself? Comments on me Halopredator? The comment is up to you, so go ahead: email a comment now.

I may respond like these examples:

(perhaps when I am lazy) 1) Thanks for the comments! :D I hope that you enjoy the more-on RS!

2) Well, I try to improve the text speed myself, but I'm still trying to find the right timing for viewers up to this day. Also, the Prop/design is also being improved; haven't you noticed the characters changing throughout the RS?

3) Meh. I may have been able to come up with ideas faster than many others and able to make them pretty early, but my chapters are the actual slow progress. Making one chapter takes me a whole month( like I've said before) to get ready for finishing. Then it takes me about 30 min.-1 hour to type it down on just about anywhere on a computer, whether in the chapters page or IB or a Microsoft Word Document. I always copy it down and prepare to finish the rest when I can, like I do writing it down, so that I end up with a nice, preferable, and neat chapter for reading. Then, when I have the free time, I go over the words and colorize some of the text to indicate when and where the colors in the actual replay appear. It also shows the code or some-sort, but whatevah. You get the point,

do you?

So yeah, I believe that you should be using these examples and guidelines to help you out on your commenting. If it is helpful, I will appreciate it. :D

So what should I be emailing you?

Use the above help to your most and just come up with something that you may (really) want to ask me. It may have come to mind anyways, so email me that as well.

I hope that this process isn't so complicated! Good luck! :D

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